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Hard Knight Rises Review

Batman has had somewhat of a resurgence in the last decade, getting a trilogy of movies made about him, as well as numerous games and cartoons, and this has brought the superpower-less super hero back into the forefront of popular culture. Before he made his comeback, it was Iron Man at center stage, but that changed.

Batman has transcended the comic book world, becoming more mainstream and appreciated by everyone, whether you give a rip about comics or not. That momentum has continued, and now you’ll see Batman in an industry you’d never expect: adult gaming.

By adult gaming, we mean games that are basically like porn and have explicit sexual content unlike anything you’ve seen in a video game before. Is adult gaming done on a console connected to a TV or monitor?

Nope; adult gaming is targeting a (large) corner of the gaming market - mobile. It’s too difficult to get some adult to buy a console and sex games to go along with it; why not encourage them to download games onto the things that are glued to everyone’s hand?

The adult gaming industry is too new for anyone to know much about it, but it can quickly take off with games like this one; Hard Knight Rises, a parody of the Dark Knight Rises film, takes you through Batman’s fight against Bane, only there is a lot of sexual content to go along with it.

Play as Batman or Catwoman as you fight Bane and his countless minions (not the little yellow guys) and have sex with random bystanders, or whoever else you choose. There are 10 levels in this game, each with a unique map featuring a part of Gotham, and each time you play, new items will be available, so there’s no need to worry about playing it once and being done with it; there is significant replay value here.

Plus, the adult content makes it a pretty unique experience.

After successfully completing a mission or finally finding a hidden weapon, celebrate with some Batman/Catwoman sex.

The game features an open world where you’re free to run around as you please, whether you’re just admiring the view from rooftops or you’re chasing down bad guys; for mobile gaming, that’s as good as it gets. It’s not as seamless as playing on a console at home, but for playing on the go, you can’t complain.

Adults should enjoy this brawler, beating up Bane and engaging in virtual sex with various characters; it’s a unique game that is going to revolutionize mobile gaming, and before long, adult gaming will become more mainstream, just like Batman.

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