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Grand Fuck Auto Review

Surely you’ve heard of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise, and if you haven’t played it yourself, you probably know someone who has. In this open-world action-adventure game, you play as a character who is involved in criminal activity, and you get to run around the map as you please, whether you’re evading the police or you’re blowing stuff up just because you can.

It’s an incredibly popular franchise, with over 200 million games sold since the first GTA was unleashed upon the world. Grand Theft Auto IV was the first edition to feature an ‘HD’ map, one with fine details and realistic physics, not to mention jaw-dropping graphics.

Now, imagine if Grand Theft Auto was parodied. With that, we have Grand Fuck Auto, a sex game that takes many liberties with the game that spawned the idea.

GFA allows you the freedom you experience in GTA, only you’re given a bit more wiggle room. This is an adult game after all, so it’s bound to cross lines that previous games wouldn’t or couldn’t approach.

While Grand Theft Auto had to be limited to gratuitous violence and adult humor, Grand Fuck Auto doesn’t hold anything back. This adult sex game depicts characters having sex in all kinds of ways, a huge step in the adult direction.

While this game is a parody of Grand Theft Auto, GFA isn’t a crappy version of the game that has fewer features and terrible graphics; you’ll find that the development team behind this game put in a lot of work and didn’t cut corners.

The gameplay is similar to what you’d find in GTA, running around a large map, you’re free to interact with whoever you want, whether you’re throwing insults their way or you’re hitting someone with your car, but the added bonus is that this game revolves around sex.

In Grand Theft Auto, you would get hurt if you got shot or stabbed or beat up, as is normal, but in Grand Fuck Auto, you can also receive damage to your health after sex - that is, if someone has an infection or something you didn’t know about. No problem, though, as it goes away when you find sex health packs.

The only catch is that they’re hard to find, and are usually located in random areas, just like health packs in regular old Grand Theft Auto.

In Grand Theft Auto you can run around and cause chaos and destruction, but in Grand Fuck Auto, another thing you can do is have sex with whoever you want. Rather than hit someone on top of the head with a hammer or a golf club, bang them right in the middle of the street.

Then you can hit them with the golf club.

Grand Fuck Auto takes you through a loosely-structured story that revolves around sex, and it’s one that is bringing the sex video game industry into the forefront of consumers’ minds. Now, it’s just a matter of time before other games join the competition.

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