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Call of Booty Review

Days before Halloween of 2003, a first-person shooter game was released, and it would have a lasting impact on gaming as we know it. First released only on Windows, Call of Duty was a game that took players through various stages of World War II, as you completed missions and shot bad guys.

It was an instant success, and before long, it became a huge franchise with an extensive list of games. A feature that helped these games take off is the online multiplayer functionality, where you run around and shoot other players as you compete in a free-for-all, or even as teams.

Okay, now imagine that entire franchise based on naked people. And there you have it, Call of Booty, an online sex game (which is totally free to play, by the way).

In Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, for example, you are a soldier involved in a violent outbreak of war, set in the future, around the year 2054, and you wear advanced technology that assists you as you jump really high, run really fast, and put endless amounts of bullets into your enemies.

In Call of Booty, you run as fast as normal humans can, and jump as high as normal humans can, which isn’t very high. Seeing that you’re naked, it’s no wonder your physical feats are limited.

That doesn’t keep it from being immensely fun though, I mean, come on; you’re running around naked in a video game as you try to shoot other people . If that doesn’t entertain you, maybe you’re dead.

Adult sex games are a relatively new idea, but it’s just been a matter of time, a matter of when the desire was there, and when the technology was there. Porn is an enormous industry, and this adult take on video games will surely attract many eyes and curious minds.

Back in 2003, Activision published a game that would change video games forever, including making online gaming easy and popular, but at the time, no one knew how successful the franchise (which consisted of just one game at the time) would be.

Call of Booty could see a similar timeline; early interest and a unique game could help spark an adult gaming industry boom, one that alters gaming (and even porn) forever.

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