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Adult Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Raphael have always been geared towards kids; whether it’s in comic books or on television, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never got too dark, and always appealed to a younger audience. The endless amounts of pizza, Master Splinter, and evil warlord Shredder never strayed too far from the kids, and that always kept adults from getting into it; once you were no longer a kid, you ditched TMNT and picked up something else, maybe even getting into lesser-known, adult-centric superheroes and villains.

How can TMNT bridge that gap, and attract an adult audience? Well, it’s simple really - create a mobile video game that removes all the childish stuff and replaces it with adult content.

That’ll do it.

And there you have it: Adult Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, an adult mobile game where you fight crime, eat greasy pizza, drink alcohol, go on drunk rampages, and hit Master Splinter when he’s asleep. It takes a little from Grand Theft Auto, allowing you to roam an open world as any of the turtles, and you can even control one and have the other three tag along with you, beating up bad guys, or just people who happen to be in your way.

After a major beatdown, scarf down some pizza until you’re bloated and full, nearly puking. Then, crack open some beers and down those quickly, getting the turtles buzzed and ready for more action.

You can spar with any of the turtles, working on their skills and improving their abilities and power, but it’s not nearly as fun as beating up bad guys like Shredder. There is a multitude of missions and side tasks to undertake, so you don’t have to worry about beating the game in two hours, which is the downfall of many mobile games; with adult TMNT, you get pretty solid replay value.

As you may recall from childhood, the turtles cannot go out in the city during the day, for fear of freaking everyone out and getting themselves killed or thrown into some biological prison, so when you explore the city, you see it during the night, so don’t trip when you never see daylight in-game.

Obviously, the turtles used kid-friendly language in the TV cartoons and comics, using phrases like “Kowabunga dude!”, but in this adult version, you’ll hear Donatello throw insults at Michaelangelo, swearing at him or making fun of his SoCal surfer accent and complete lack of intelligence.

Battle Shredder and his cronies, along with other villains the turtles dealt with regularly, guys like Krand or Stockman. Seeing as the turtles never kill anyone, it’s no wonder the bad guys keep coming back.

In this adult version though, you can end Shredder once and for all, whether you’re using Splinter to get his revenge or you’re slicing him up with Leonardo or beating him senseless with Donatello’s spear; either way, it’s good fun.

Take an individual turtle around the city, or take them all; no matter what you choose, you’ll have the freedom to explore as you please, causing chaos or cleaning up the streets, but with an adult spin that wouldn’t be appropriate for kids.

By now, you’re surely wondering where you can play this game: rather than pay for it in an app store, play it for free as much as you want in one place:

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